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Many of us are enduring unprecedented times in terms of the increase in the cost of living – and small businesses are no different.


With energy prices rising substantially and rising again in October, along with a substantial increase in our raw material costs, unfortunately these costs need to be passed on to customers so businesses can survive. 


This also means increasing the cost to other small businesses like pubs and bars that buy our ales in cask.


As more people tighten their belts, the demand has lowered significantly whilst costs have increased at the same rate, if not higher.


This is clearly not a viable position. So, it is with great sadness and regret that we have decided to close the business as of Friday 29th July. 


We would like to extend a massive thank you to the community for supporting us through the amazing times that we have had over the past two years. Also, to every single person who walked through our doors and shared a pint, all our loyal customers and most of all, the town of South Shields who made the taproom what it was.


We opened in the middle of a pandemic, endured our first Summer with Covid-19 restrictions in place – but you all helped to make it the community brewery we wanted!


We’ve met some incredible people and worked with some amazing local businesses and we wish them luck moving forward.  


Our philosophy from the start was to build a community and although the business is no longer, we hope we have succeeded in bringing people closer together. 


It’s hopefully not goodbye but see you later. And for the last time #dontlickanything