Our Beers

I'm a brewer! But if mummy asks I'm a pianist in a brothel

Session Blonde 3.8%

Flavoured with Green Bullet hops from New Zealand to give a fruity/orange finish.

The 11th poppy the 1 2 Remember

IPA 4.4%

Brewed in honour of remembrance day
monkey ipawBKGRND.png

You don't walk past a £10 monkey and not buy it!

IPA 4.5%

A hoppy IPA, with a generous dry hop.

I don't care if your grandmother's dead... what's the bratwurst situation?

IPA 4.7%

Dry hopped IPA flavoured with 3 citrus hops.

From the lighthouse, I saw her dancing on the sand

Red IPA 5.0%

Citra Citra Citra - Bittered, flavoured and aroma hopped with Citra for a full and fruity Red IPA

After the third pint we ended up putting knickers on the dog

IPA 5.8%

Named after an actual comment from a customer. Its got a fine kick to it. Flavoured with Sorachi Ace - a very strong, earthy beer.

Have you ever considered that red riding hood was actually the wolf?

Ruby 4.8%

A hoppy and sweet ruby with a nice smooth finish. Seems to be a firm favourite amongst the 1 more than 2 brew family.