More About Us

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Back in 2008 we made the worlds best cup of tea you can ever imagine. The process we used was our own, and what a cracker. So we thought, we could do this with beer. Fast forward 11 years and millions of brewed pints later, we decided to build our own brewery.

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This is how the conversation went:

Lets call it 3 brew.


There is already a 3 brew, in Cardiff.


What about One More Than Two Brew?


Don't be ridiculous… actually, it has a ring to it.


The two being us, and the one more being the local community.


I think we have a winner.

And so 1 more than 2 brew was born, after, lets say, 4 or 5 more than 2 real ales.

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  • Make good beer

  • Involve the local community

  • No corporate nonsense

We hope you agree that point 1 is fulfilled — we take pride in producing quality traditional real ales.

The community aspect of what we do is simple, if you want to be part of it, come on down.

How To Get Involved

  • Help brew the beer

  • Name the beers

  • Create some artwork

  • Clean the tanks (nobody actually wants to do this so I forgive you for laughing at this one)

  • just come down, have a beer, some good craic, and spread the word