Welcome home

One More Than Two Brew.

New Brewery, Taproom and Bottle Shop based in the heart of South Shields.

Welcome home.

Welcome to the new home of One More Than Two Brew, in the near future, this will be home to a community based blog, our bottle shop and merch, showcasing local businesses and events happening in the north east of England.

The ethos of the business is #LetsBuildACommunity and #DontLickAnything

Your Community, your brewery

“The community is at the heart of what we do, from stocking drinks made by the best breweries the northeast has to offer, to supporting local charities and holding fundraisers that benefit our local area. ”

We take great pride in our part of the world, its what drives us to build such a strong community, to help empower people and help those looking to make a change.

we are always looking for people to get involved and bring new ideas to the table on how we can better reach more people in our area, if you are looking to get involved ask a member of staff during one of our taproom open days to find out more.

What's with those names?

We don't take ourselves to seriously, if we have to name the beers we might as well have fun with it. Also when new beers are made in future we will be holding competitions find new names from the community, all we ask is that you make it long, make it confusing and make it your own.

Our beers usually have a story behind the names, and they mostly speak for themselves.

It's a great way to start a conversation with the bar keep...

Example: I don't care if your grandmother's dead... what's the bratwurst situation?

  • Give me a pint of the dead granny

  • Pass me granny's bratwurst

  • how's grandmother taste

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Unit J, Portberry Street

South Shields

Tyne & Wear

NE33 1QX



Tel: 07927051236

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